Affiliate Faculty, Boston University Center for Antiracist Research • Global Educator • Social Worker • Parent Coach • Mental Wellness Advocate • Publisher • Race Equity and Inclusion Expert

Dorri C. Scott, MSW, Executive MBA

E: P: 301.526.8440

Dorri C. Scott is the CEO of the WiseWOMAN; an Education Services Counseling and Coaching practice, Race Equity and Inclusion Expert Trainer and Affiliate Faculty at Boston University – Center for Antiracism Research founded by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi.

A mental wellness counselor, Dorri advocates to demystify the stigma surrounding mental health and supports efforts to eliminate racism recently recognized by the American Medical Association as a mental health social problem.

At the intersection of race and mental health, she supports clients facing depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, conflict, and race/gender identity crises.

A clinical social worker and certified parent-family coach in a private practice, she collaboratively works with adults, parents, families, groups, teams, and schools. She is influenced by social work theory; the strengths based model, trauma and systems theory, cultural identity/competency theory, and research on multiculturalism, race and gender. An expert Race and Multicultural Educator and founder of the “Let’s Talk Race” Workshops, she travels worldwide teaching equity, inclusion, culture and race.

A certified family mediator and college professor, for 10 years, she taught various social science and social work courses, including sociology, policy, ethics, culture, gender and race.

The Founding publisher of a regional education magazine with a readership; 100k, for ten years, she published and edited 100+ articles, is a best-selling author, gifted communicator and self-proclaimed “word nerd- book worm” who loves everything write.

A lover of the arts, open spaces, culture, museums and world travel, Dorri has visited 38 countries and 44 states. She loves to read; any book will do, journals daily, writes haiku, teaches writing, public speaking and business etiquette to students in urban schools between NYC and Washington DC.

On weekends and eves, she can often be found volunteering in community organizations, on boards for causes including domestic violence, community advocacy, family/mental health issues and working actively with her beloved sorority; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Committed to social justice she is an advocate for the greater good and has won many awards for her entrepreneurial endeavors, community service and business acumen.

Dorri completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science at the College of NJ. She earned a Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Kansas and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School, Boston, MA. Currently completing VA licensure social work requirements she is pursuing a DEI certification and continuing her studies on research and writing – race, gender, leadership and policy.

She is the mother of two adults, loves to read; any book will do, outdoor activities, biking, weekends – her two favorite days of the week and visiting with her 91 year old mother who still reads to her.


Amada Robles


Amada A. Robles is our team’s joyful one!

A military brat, she is proud of her family’s heritage of service and commitment to all branches of the United States military. Amada is community-minded and carved out her own path to public service as a leader in her church where she reaches out with hope through the world of social media and writing.

A media strategist and Director of Digital Services & Marketing, social media has played a pivotal role in how she continues to grow in the field of communication with technology – her best friend. From San Francisco to Manila and back to her home in Northern Virginia, she connects with kindness, an open heart and willingness to help others.

Proud of her heritage as a Puerto Rican woman, she is always seeking out new and creative ways to advocate and speak up for people of all races.  

A writer at heart, she edits blogs and jumps at any opportunity to listen, hear and share life changing stories in print and digital. She enjoys mission trips which have taken her to the far reaches of the world. 

A graduate of Penn State, she credits her father’s multiple military transfers for her positive communication and connection skills. From base to base while growing up she learned and mastered ways to adapt quickly, make friends and communicate effectively. 

Fiercely loyal to her nail polish color OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, she cries every time she watches Lord of the Rings and finds a life lesson in any superhero movie. Lin Manuel-Miranda’s In the Heights is her favorite on-stage production of all time.

Family time recharges her, especially rolling around with her niece Angelina and nephew Lucas!

Trinette Chandler


Trinette provides clients with excellent legal service because she understands and loves the law.  She is who we call when we have minor matters or bet-the-company strategic deals that require firm, decisive leadership and legal expertise. Either way – she serves as a watchful, protective, trusted advisor. 

She applies skills learned in 25+ years of working in complex, high-visibility Federal contracts as an attorney, on-site contractor, and procurement consultant.

She leverages the legal, business, and technical expertise gained while leading, winning, managing, and advising upon Fortune 500 firm’s Department of Defense (DoD), national security, healthcare, and aerospace sector procurements, each worth $500M+.

We trust Trinette not only because she is cleared to work in sensitive and classified environments but also because she values confidentiality.