Let’s Talk Race

A 4-Week Zoom Workshop

April 5, 12, 19, 26, 7 pm EST

The interactive workshop aims to educate, bring awareness, raise consciousness and re-examine history including lessons learned to build bridges toward race reconciliation, equity and inclusion.

Participants will learn to eliminate blindspots, explore offensive language, understand hidden fears and face hard truths about privilege, the other “isms” and systemic racism. Hearing experiences through listening and “storytelling” participants will learn to challenge misconceptions, address complexities of racism, increase knowledge and promote allyship with an awareness for mutual respect and understanding.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all workshops conducted via Zoom until further notice

Founded and facilitated by Dorri C. Scott,

“TIMELY CONVERSATIONS” is an educational series of discussions, workshops and masterclasses where participants dialogue, exchange information, inspiration and empowerment for growth.

Multicultural. Nonjudgemental. Open. Empathetic.

Courses include:

Let’s Talk Race (4 Weeks)

Let’s Talk Race: A Deeper Dive (7 Weeks)

Let’s Talk Parenting (4 Weeks)

Lets Talk Race with Kids about Race (6 Weeks)

Lets Talk Race: Equity & Inclusion – Impact in the Workplace (4 Weeks)

Available Upon Request: We offer “TIMELY CONVERSATIONS” to individuals, families, schools, groups, religious organizations, non-profits, and businesses.