Executive MBA & Doctoral Candidate

Affiliate Faculty, Boston University Center for Antiracist Research • Diversity & Gender Equity Trainer • Clinical Social Worker • Certified Parent Coach Mental Health & Wellness Counselor • Educator

Committed to building diverse, equitable communities, demystifying mental health, her family and faith, the self proclaimed “word nerd-book worm” writes, speaks, lives, and supports “doing good” to make the world better.

Dorri decodes race, mental health, and other difficult
conversations utilizing storytelling, an infectious personality, and empathy.

From the classroom to the boardroom to the kitchen
and at home, she has helped countless clients
build inclusive cultures and drive meaningful change.

Available for keynotes * workshops* training.

We advocate, educate and foster leadership toward healing; mental health | wellness | well-being | social action, social justice (diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging)

At the intersection of mental health and race, we bring light to hidden and difficult conversations.

Our goal is to reach 1 million+ over ten years – we support anti-racist living and acts through education and inspiration to build bridges.