AUGUST 20, 2020

While we must vote, we must also know the numbers

President Obama delivered a scathing critique of the executive office.

Senator Kamala Harris made history. “Do not let them take our democracy away” WE must act now.

While we must VOTE we must also know the numbers. Equally as important as winning the Presidency (Biden-Harris) winning 5 seats for the senate, 3 congressional seats and a focus on 3 states – critical. Florida and Pennsylvania are key states. Watch Montana and stay close to what is happening in Kentucky, Texas, Ohio and Wisconsin. Tonight our candidate speaks – Joe Biden accepts the nomination.

Be prepared to fight daily. Racist attacks. COVID still rising. Kids at home, NOT at school. Rent/mortgages due again very shortly and jobs lost has made it too hard for too many. Nothing about this season is easy. Everything about this time at stake. No matter, keep pushing. We are better than this moment and stronger than we know.