APRIL 15, 2021

Uhhh…There is NO Gas Shortage

My parents often spoke in parables. They shared wisdom in storytelling. Their advice about life and the ups and downs experienced daily were told in bits and pieces.  

For example I heard many times over…

“You are IN something, just coming OUT of something or about to enter something. The story of the gas shortage is an example. A reference in the news about the gas shortage we are experiencing reminds of lessons shared by my parents. We are “in something” sort of…

Yet, the so-called “gas shortage” is NOT a gas shortage at all.

Several days ago, the pipeline shutdown. It occurred after a cyber attack. The pipeline company’s IT system fell victim to ransomware; a type of cyber attack. Russian hackers demanded ransom and it was paid.

The Colonial Pipeline; owners of the pipeline, were forced to shut down its entire system from Texas to NYC.

The threat temporarily halted fuel flow on the pipeline.

The impact – a domino effect.

As the story grew, many panicked and the rest as you know is what we are experiencing: long lines at gas stations, no gas at stations and nervous Americans left to figure out – what the heck is going on?

The panic experienced following the cyber attack and temporary shutdown of the regional pipeline is NOT about a gas shortage. Yes, we are “in” something again, however it is NOT what we experienced in the 70’s when there was a REAL gas shortage.

While VA Governor Northam declared a state of emergency and over 70% of North Carolina gas stations are out of gas, The Colonial Pipeline, the operator of the US’s largest fuel pipeline, announced the restart of pipeline operations has begun. 

Change is on its way.

As of Wednesday, May 12 service has been restored and a statement announced on the company’s website is available for readers who want more information.

America and the world are in a flux.

Yes, A LOT is going on. 

Sorry folks, a so-called gas shortage is NOT IT.

Changes occurred recently in the GOP leadership this week. 

(Rep. Liz Chaney was ousted in her position.)

Too many have yet to get vaccinated and the President continues to provide resources and options including the breaking news about 12-15 year olds who may now get vaccinated.

Woo Hoo!

Sign up and get a free gift if you are one of the lucky ones.

Tickets to sporting events, a savings bond and even cash are amongst the prizes offered in states throughout the USA.

The Middle East is fighting (again) as tensions between Israel and Palestine are at an all-time high.

The airport in Tel Aviv is currently not open and tourists to Israel are dissuaded. 

COVID in India is killing people unlike any death rate seen in the pandemic to date.

Race in America continues to divide allies from those who believe American has no “race problem” and while students return to classrooms all over the USA, many teachers debate how to help and support pupils who lost a minimum of one year of learning.

I want to be sensitive to the impact of the cyber attack.

YES, it is real.

It is a threat to be reckoned with and going forward must be addressed as to not see us vulnerable again.

However, we do not have a gas shortage and must respond to a so-called “crisis” with facts and not foolishly react, wander aimlessly, spread wildfires without all of the FACTS and information needed to manage mayhem as life moves on.

I wished those responsible for the cyber attack had been held responsible and accountable.

It appears that will NOT happen. I understand those involved have returned to their home country and are protected for their cowardly actions.

Through it all we are left with a responsibility to stay woke. Recognize the truth.

Be reminded every attack, news feed and panic is not a shock to be addressed with action for every whim. Somewhere lies a deeper problem related to our desires, a hunger for peace, normalcy and knowledge to serve. To do so with integrity and honor is to serve. Choose wisely. The human spirit is thirsty. Our world is hurting. Whether we are “in” a crisis or not, be more than the moment and think before responding and acting out of fear.