JULY 12-27, 2018

THAT Woman Goes to China

Originally posted on Instagram

JULY 12, 2018

I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to travel to China in a few days! For months, I have communicated with colleagues, students, families and new friends in reference to this new adventure.

Thank you for your prayers as I venture off. I’m excited and curious to say the least: I know the upcoming varied experiences and exchange with my students both in classrooms and on campuses will be life changing.

There is no Facebook in China nor Google, Yahoo or LinkedIn without major censorship – yikes!

But I’m a woman of preparation. My main form of communication with the U.S will be through an app called “WeChat.” Together, we will build cultural bridges, break bread and forge new friendships as we learn from each other and celebrate the best from both of our worlds.

First stop – Shanghai with a population of approx. 24 million people! From there, I’ll venture to the Great Wall with students who tell me it is not a big deal. I incredulously hear them relay that we’ll be climbing “the easy side” of the wall. Ha!

Expect updates, pictures, stories and snippets. Please continue your prayers because That WOMAN is China bound!

JULY 19, 2018

Approaching a view of Shanghai from the airplane…this city is HUGE! People here love tall buildings and in the city most live in high rise apartments.

After getting through customs, which included fingerprinting we stopped at a local convenience store (their version of 7-11) and went to school where I will spend the next week!

En route to the school, we passed a man selling watermelons from his truck. Had to stop, We bought one….sweet!

JULY 24, 2018

People stopped and stared at me. Some wanted to take pictures and one man even bumped into a tree, fell down and needed help to get up because he was staring. (He was fine, though a little embarrassed)

Most in China have never seen an African American in living color. (No pun intended) Vast in space, with a population in the billions, China is exceptionally STILL a monolithic country. It was funny to watch people react, stare and take a second, third and fourth look as I strolled the streets.

Eventually, most warmed up when I shared the universal sign recognized all around the world – a smile. In the end, took great pics and learned much about the human spirit.

Love matters. Kindness counts!

JULY 27, 2018

Calling all Foodies!

The Peking Duck – Yummy! Best I have ever had.

On the other hand, I opted to pass on selecting horse meat, pork and crab ovaries – a delicacy, so I am told.

No judgement, just sayin’…

JULY 27, 2020

Phone Obsession!

Everywhere I went, people were engrossed in “the Apple phone,” as they call it.

It was a little disappointing….few people talk to each other in Shanghai (or maybe they did not understand my limited Chinese).

From what I’ve seen, Apple products rule and Mac is King.