AUGUST 2, 2020

Back to School, Zoom and Gen Z

If you are raising a child born between 1995 and 2015, you are parenting a “Generation Z Baby” – America’s video guru generation.

Currently between age 5 and 25, your High School graduate probably had a “drive by” celebration to cultivate the epic life milestone, was born into post 2011 America and currently living through our nation’s pandemic.

Wearing masks everywhere is required. Washing hands – the new life rule.

Social distancing is the norm and play dates on zoom have become the “best replacement” for play dates of years gone by.

Dear parents,

NOW is the time to prepare for another “virtual” school year.

Enjoy a few extra curricular learning activities to enhance living with your prince and princess video gamer.

Stress not (as best you can.)

And…have a productive, innovative and fun 2020-21 year of learning! 

• Visit a local VA park, study the environment, trees and breathe fresh air. Make it a science experiment day.

• Eat lunch outside made from a garden in your backyard

• Take a neighborhood bike ride. Count the houses, people and places seen on your path.

• Make it an art day. Draw pictures of your day. Frame the art.

• Cook together weekly. Create a recipe book of all foods served.

• Write a story and share stories out loud weekly Every english teacher will be impressed by not only your student’s culinary skills but also by the enhanced writing and public speaking skills.

• Keep a journal in pictures – one for each month of the year. Make it a history learning opportunity with fun family and great American moments celebrating the USA.

Need more resources, additional creative ways to connect with your child?

Seeking ways to relieve stress from homework blues? Uncertain, confused, and looking for answers to connect? Do you want parent support, ideas to help raise a healthy children during the pandemic? 

Parent coaching is one of our many services with answers to your countless parent questions.  Contact Dorri C.Scott at MSW, Director of Education and Support Services at The Wise Family.