JANUARY 6, 2021

Sweet Georgia

MLK is looking down from the mountaintop – what an accomplishment we are viewing in this historic moment. 

Raphael Warnock – 1st Black Senator elected in the deep south.  

Is it really true? 

In Georgia?

An African-American Senator and a Jewish-American headed to Washington FROM GEORGIA with Chuck Schumer as majority leader. (Senate)

I’m in awe! 

Been fighting alongside allies and people of color like me a long time. 

Joy in the morning! 

Telling people that one’s voice does not matter – LIES! We DO matter, our voices collectively count and we the people despite the cronies, Trumpism, rally hollering and 4 years of hate spoke.  Through hurt, hate and covert denial, through EXTREME  racial tensions, keep fighting. Stay with TRUTH. 

Racism is a sickness and till I die, I am committed to all God’s people. 

Thank you for being a part of the change.